Allow us to introduce you to the new e-mail services from Hostpoint

Allow us to introduce you to the new e-mail services from Hostpoint

Whether at work or at home, we all depend on a reliable and secure e-mail service. Our requirements in terms of available features and support have also increased. Hostpoint now offers a comprehensive e-mail product with many features for the digital office.

Claudius Röllin Claudius Röllin · Co-Founder & CPO

We send and receive e-mails every day. At work, we are used to using a personal mailbox, even if this changes when we change jobs. In our private lives, we nurture our long-standing e-mail accounts, which we – all too often – registered years or even decades ago with a (partially) free e-mail service such as GMX, Gmail or Bluewin.

However, the ubiquity of daily e-mail traffic in our professional and personal lives means that many users require more than they did when setting up a free account when they were much younger. Where is your data stored and who has access to it? And what if your e-mail traffic doesn’t work or you have problems logging in? Reaching someone from technical support is often very difficult or impossible.

In the business environment, requirements and expectations are even higher. Having a company name in the e-mail domain is now a matter of course for many companies. True, there are still a few individual and micro businesses that correspond with their private e-mail address from their free provider on a business level. However, most SMEs have realized that having their own company name in the domain is essential for a professional appearance.

However, it’s no secret that many businesses find managing their e-mail accounts tedious. Hostpoint has taken these and other customer needs of private users and SMEs as an opportunity to develop and launch a completely new range of e-mail services.

E-mail & Cloud Office: The offers at a glance

As the leading Swiss provider of web hosting, domains and other online services, Hostpoint also has many years of experience in the field of mail hosting. Web hosting customers have always been able to set up e-mail addresses. However, these were linked to their hosting accounts and also comparatively limited in terms of storage capacity and functionality.

Customers can now pay for e-mail accounts individually as well as in combination with hosting products. These range from CHF 3 to CHF 7 per month, with Hostpoint offering attractive entry-level prices (see info box below). Depending on the package, users receive up to 100 GB of storage for their e-mails and up to 250 GB of storage for their documents and data on Hostpoint’s Drive solution.

Attractive introductory offer
Take advantage of our introductory campaign, which runs until 31 March 2023:

Cloud Office Basic for CHF 2 instead of CHF 3 per month.
Cloud Office Plus for CHF 3 instead of CHF 5 per month.
Cloud Office Premium for CHF 3.50 instead of CHF 7 per month.

Take advantage now

If you already have e-mail addresses through Hostpoint and now want to take advantage of the extra benefits of the new Cloud Office packages, you can simply upgrade your e-mail products in your Hostpoint Control Panel.

If you work with others in a team – whether in a company, as part of a club or as a family – e-mail is a must. But successful teamwork requires much more than that nowadays. You probably want to be able to exchange files, coordinate appointments and delegate tasks. That’s why Hostpoint is offering the new e-mail services in combination with Drive storage and many useful Office tools.

The free and ad-free video conferencing solution Hostpoint Meet is a perfect addition to these product features. Hostpoint provides this completely free of charge. If you schedule appointments in the Cloud Office calendar application, you can create links to meetings directly as you schedule them and then add them to your appointments.

The mailbox core functions

Now let’s take a closer look at the core functions of Hostpoint’s E-mail & Cloud Office solution.

Users can access their personal e-mail inbox in their browser via the Cloud Office web interface or set it up on their own devices. Hostpoint offers a practical set-up wizard that explains step-by-step how to access e-mails from your mobile phone or notebook.

When setting up a new e-mail address, many people probably wonder: “but what about all my received and sent messages in my current mailbox? Do I lose them when I change providers? Or do I have to forward them individually?” The answer to these questions is simple: thanks to Hostpoint’s practical e-mail migration assistant, old e-mails can be easily and quickly transferred from the old provider’s mailbox to the new Hostpoint mailbox.

The migration assistant allows e-mails to be transferred from the previous provider to the new mailbox.

In the Cloud Office web interface, users can configure their e-mail account as needed in the settings:

Cloud Office: the digital office

With their new e-mail accounts, customers will also have access to the many valuable features of Cloud Office, Hostpoint’s digital work platform – for example, the calendar and address book. These can be used personally or in a team and easily synchronized with your own computer or smartphone.

The generous Drive cloud storage will be very useful for many users. Using the web interface or by synchronizing with local devices, users can store their personal or business data in the cloud, manage it and – if they want to – share it with other users. Cloud Office Business also enables shared folder management within a team.

Cloud Office also features a web-based editing function for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This allows multiple users to work on the same files at the same time and in real time, without having to constantly organize different file versions.

A direct comparison of the three E-mail & Cloud Office packages and their key features. You can find more details about the packages here.

The big question: do I have to pay for e-mail services?

Why should I pay for an e-mail account if I can still keep my mailbox with my freemail provider? This brings us back to the increased needs of today’s e-mail environment. Hostpoint believes that customers are now willing to invest in a professional, high-quality e-mail service from Switzerland that meets these needs. Hostpoint’s range of services is distinguished by the following factors:

Who is the new e-mail range aimed at?

As already mentioned, startups and SMEs in particular are likely to like the structure and features of Hostpoint’s E-mail & Cloud Office range. The flexibility of the license model and the variety of tools and functions that you get with your e-mail account are particularly attractive for companies and organizations, as well as associations that do not have an IT department. Hostpoint is becoming an all-in-one solution for digital communication: domain, web hosting, website, online shop, e-mail, cloud storage and Office environment.

We also offer the perfect product module for self-employed sole proprietors and freelancers. You can position and market yourself more professionally with your e-mail address and desired domain. Should you then need more users, they can be added flexibly.

As stated previously, private individuals and families are also important target groups for this service. They can, for example, use Cloud Office to manage their shared appointments in the calendar, maintain an address book together, or store their photos in shared folders and make them accessible to every family member.

It’s fair to say that the features included in Cloud Office, such as drive storage, calendar, etc., are generally aimed at users who appreciate access to their mail and Office data from anywhere. Mobile working is now an integral part of the modern world of work and professional life. Working from home is becoming more common, and coworking spaces are springing up like mushrooms in cities and urban agglomerations.

As the largest web hosting provider and leading domain registrar in Switzerland, Hostpoint aims to expand its range of products with E-Mail & Cloud Office. The main objective is to offer as comprehensive and integrated a range of services for the digital workplace as possible.

Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon. Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon.

An e-mail address with your own domain

Discover the new e-mail packages with Cloud Office from Hostpoint. The domain of your choice for your email addresses, generous mailbox and Drive storage, various Office tools and much more.