Partner Program

«It’s cool that Hostpoint gives us a cut when they make a sale.
And we’re happy to share this benefit with our customers.»

Thomas Niederberger, mexan AG, Lucerne

Agenturpartner Agenturpartner
Earn cash – with commissions for customer referrals
Tradedoubler Tradedoubler
Agency partners – benefits for you and your customers

Affiliate Program – how you can benefit from attractive commissions

We want our referring partners to share in our success, which is why we created our Affiliate Program. To manage it, we use the well-known Tradedoubler platform, a commission system that can be set up quickly and easily on your website or integrated into your blog or newsletter.

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Become a referring partner in just three steps

Sign up
Place the advertisements
Anmelden Sign up for Tradedoubler. The signup process takes about 5 minutes. To set up an account, visit
Banner platzieren Look for the Hostpoint affiliate program. After we have approved your registration, you can choose any advertisement you like.
Auszahlung As soon as the first referrals have been recorded, these show up in your Tradedoubler dashboard.

Your commissions

The Hostpoint Affiliate Program (Tradedoubler) lets you access our digital promotional content quickly and directly. Even with limited user knowledge, you can quickly integrate banners and text links into your website, blog or newsletter.

  • Overview of your commissions
  • Access to all Hostpoint advertisements
  • Advertisements such as banners or text links
  • Manage all your websites
  • Choose for yourself when to pay out your commissions
  • Detailed statistics
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Your referral

We provide a series of advertising options, such as banners and text links in various designs. How your website is designed to handle referrals will have the greatest impact on the success of your referrals. Let us know if you have an idea that isn’t covered by what we offer on Tradedoubler.

  • Banners – simply copy and paste the banners in various sizes into your website, blog or newsletter.
  • Text links – the right text makes text links stand out and more effective.

Our complete ad portfolio and source codes for the banners and text link embedded into your website can be found in the Hostpoint area of your Tradedoubler account. Sign up for Tradedoubler today

Agency partners – welcome!

Many of our customers are web agencies that eventually brought their own customers to Hostpoint. This kind of loyalty and trust in our services deserves to be rewarded. There are various options for partners like you to take advantage of the partner benefits themselves or pass them onto your customers.


Benefits for you as a partner

  • Great partner solutions with Hostpoint
  • Even more personal contact with Hostpoint
  • Help with complex customer requests

Benefits for your customers

  • Hostpoint vouchers for your customers
  • As a partner, you bring them even closer to Hostpoint
  • Ability to manage all web services in one place

We would be happy to become partners with you, too!

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Please enter your contact details so that we can get in touch with you. We’ll be happy to work with you and figure out how we can best assist you as a hosting partner.

Thank you for your inquiry. A Hostpoint staff member will be in touch with you very soon to discuss the next steps.

Hostpoint Partner Program – frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from the Hostpoint Partner Program?

We offer several different models for agencies, webmasters and private referrers. Our Affiliate Program, which we manage with the Tradedoubler platform, lets you earn extra cash with your website, blog or newsletter, for example.

How it works is really simple: Log into Tradedoubler, search for Hostpoint and send us a request for advertising permission. After we have approved your request, you can place our banners, text links, etc. on your website, blog or newsletter. Visitors who click on your Hostpoint ads will be recorded as referrals. If they also make a purchase, you will receive a commission credited to your Tradedoubler account after a waiting period of 30 days.

What is the difference between the Affiliate and Agency Partner Program?

The Affiliate Program lets you earn money easily and automatically. If you have lots of website visitors or blog/newsletter readers, for example, you can integrate banners or text to draw attention to our products. If a prospective customer clicks on the banner or text link, this is recorded by the Tradedoubler system. If the prospective customer ends up purchasing a Hostpoint product, a commission will be credited to your Tradedoubler account once the 30-day money-back guarantee period has expired (right of cancellation offered to our customers).

Our Agency Partner Program allows our partners to benefit from Hostpoint vouchers, which they can then pass on directly to their own customers. So in addition to choosing a reputable Swiss hosting provider as an argument for customers, you can also offer your new or current customers an extra welcome gift.

Can the Affiliate and Agency Partner Program be combined?

Yes, you are free to take advantage of both programs, since there are a variety of scenarios. For instance, maybe someone visits your website or blog or finds out about Hostpoint through your newsletter but doesn’t contact you directly. In such cases, the Affiliate Program is perfect for you. Another scenario might be that you are building a website for a customer and they are eager to receive free hosting during the start phase.

Please note, however, that both options are not allowed for the same referred customer. In other words, you have to decide for each customer whether you want the commission or the voucher. If you opt for a voucher, you cannot take advantage of the Affiliate referral.


We are there to help you right from the start!

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