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potential for your domain
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of websites and email
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each domain name

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Uninterrupted transfer? – How your website stays online at all times during the transfer to us and how you can access your emails at any time.

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  • Convenient payment by invoice
  • Free support by telephone, email or Skype
  • User-friendly domain administration
  • Domain redirecting (HTTP redirects)
  • Free DNS hosting
  • Simple transfer of your domain
  • No disruption to your website or email
  • Website and email can be hosted by different providers
  • Contract term remains the same
  • years of experience at your disposal
  • Over 1100 international domain endings available
  • ICANN-accredited registrar
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Transfer of multiple domain names

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Domain transfer – FAQs

Can I transfer a domain to Hostpoint at any time?

As long as you have a valid transfer code from your current domain registrar, you can transfer to Hostpoint at any time. A notice period is not necessary, since we add the remaining term of your domain name to the new term. You just need to ensure that the domain costs of the current term have been paid to your current domain registrar. This ensures you are not double-billed. If you do not have a current transfer code, please request it from your existing domain provider before your domain transfer.

How do I transfer my domain names to Hostpoint from another registrar?

A domain name transfer to Hostpoint is not difficult, but there are still a few small things to look out for. You can find detailed instructions at the Support Center.

What are the detailed costs of domain names at Hostpoint?

You can find all the prices at the following site:
. There you will find everything you need to know about prices.

Where can I find more information about domain transfer?

You can find more information about domain transfer in our domain transfer FAQ.

How does the domain transfer work?

In order to change your domain registrar, you’ll require a transfer code. Your current domain registrar can provide you with this domain transfer key. It ensures that only the person or company in possession of the key can transfer or take over the domain in question. The registrar is the company with which your domain is registered and to which you pay an annual fee. You can find this information via a WHOIS query.

Will the remaining contractual period be transferred?

We take over the contract period you have already paid for with your previous registrar, provided this is permitted by the respective registry. This is possible, for example, with SWITCH, the registry of .ch and .li domains. You will receive an invoice from us for the following year. For other domain endings, for example .de or .it, a new contract period will start after the transfer has been completed and we will also charge you for the domain at the time of transfer.

Note: The maximum remaining period that is taken over in the case of a transfer is with .ch/.li-domains 12 months. The registrar SWITCH does not allow registration-periods for more than a year for .ch /.li-domains.

How long does the transfer take?

The transfer length varies depending on the domain ending. For example, transferring .ch domains only takes a few minutes. By contrast, a .com domain takes five days to transfer. The length of time depends on the individual registry’s specifications.


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You can also find answers and instructions in our Support Center.