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A Whois domain lookup allows you to retrieve information about the name of an already registered domain. A Whois lookup also lets you determine whether a domain is already registered or still available.

Domain Shield

protect your domain name!
Domain Privacy

With domain loss protection, you always remain the rightful owner of your domain, even if the renewal fee for your domain doesn’t get paid on time. Without domain loss protection, you risk losing your domain name, which can severely damage your image. Perfect protection for your website and e-mail address:

  • Your domain will be renewed even if the fee isn’t paid on time.
  • Your website will keep working as usual
  • E-mail traffic will not be disrupted
  • No-one else can snatch your domain name.
Data protection through trustee service

With our trustee service (Domain Privacy), you are represented in the domain registry by “Swiss Domain Trustee AG”. This way, third parties are unable to access your personal information. Customers of the trustee service experience no disadvantages. We always forward legitimate inquiries to you. Your personal information is protected:

  • Your address details are not sent to registry offices; instead they remain exclusively with us in Switzerland
  • Protection against data misuse
  • We forward legitimate inquiries about your domain directly to you

Whois – FAQs

What is a Whois lookup?

Immediately after a domain has been registered, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires that accredited registrars such as Hostpoint publish the contact information of the owner, the domain’s registration and expiry date and other details in the Whois database.

The Whois database is a searchable list of all domains currently registered worldwide. A Whois domain lookup allows you to request domain name information about an already registered domain. Since data protection regulations have tightened, some data (such as the registrant details) is usually no longer visible.

A domain I want is already taken. What can I do?

First, consider whether you might be willing to use a different domain extension. There are several hundred domain extensions, and maybe there’s another one that’s right for you. Hostpoint offers the entire range of domain extensions at attractive prices. You can look up available domains here.

What is a domain?

A “domain” is a unique, symbolic name referring to a host on the internet. Domain names have a hierarchical structure. For example, Swiss domains have the “.ch” suffix, German domains have the “.de” suffix, and so on. This suffix is referred to as the top-level domain.

There are also generic top-level domains that do not denote specific countries but, instead, are intended for specific purposes. For example, “.com” is reserved for commercial websites, “.biz” for businesses, and “.museum” for museums.

How can I transfer my domain to Hostpoint?

To transfer your top-level domain (e.g. your-domain.tld) to Hostpoint, we need what is known as the transfer code of the domain for which you want to change the provider. The transfer code is a security key consisting of up to 16 alphanumerical characters and is obtained from your current registrar or provider.

How you obtain the transfer code depends on your registrar or provider. For example, it may be possible to view the transfer code by going to the service page. You may have to request the transfer code, or it may be sent to you automatically by e-mail after you have canceled your domain with your registrar or provider or notified them of a change of provider. However, to speed up the process of switching providers, you can also try to find the transfer code yourself. In this case, please contact your current registrar or provider.

Once you have obtained the transfer code, please order the desired domain transfer on our website. We will begin the domain transfer within a few hours of receiving your order.

This domain is available!
Change of ownership
Update owner address
Nameserver update
Tech contact update


You register a domain with the selected TLD (such as .ch) for a period of one year.


You renew your registration by one year.


You transfer your domain, e.g. from Switch to Hostpoint.

Change of ownership

You transfer your domain to a new owner.

Update owner address

You change your address (street and city).

Nameserver update

You change the nameservers for example to another provider.

Tech contact update

You change your technical contact.


After a deletion, you can reactivate your domain.


The renewal fee is billed annually. The other costs (registration, transfer, etc.) are once-only fees.

All prices are listed in CHF, incl. VAT.

This domain is taken.





Here are your options:

Is this your domain?

You can simply transfer your domain to us to take advantage of the benefits we can provide for you and your domain.


Is this the domain you want? Unfortunately, it is already taken.

Maybe you can find a similar domain that is to your liking. We're happy to suggest several alternatives.


Purchase and reserve domain

Are you still in the process of planning your web project? It's still worth securing this domain now to make sure no one snatches it up before you launch your website!


Purchase domain and put your website online right away

Do you want to put your domain online as quickly as possible? Our Web hosting service provides all of the tools you need to get your website, e-mail addresses and databases online in no time. Everything in one place.


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