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Why we offer
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Each secure website counts!

Most of us send contact details, passwords or payment information to websites several times a day. Without SSL encryption, this data is completely vulnerable to potential abuse. As the leading web hosting provider in Switzerland, we want to do our part to make the internet a more secure place. That’s why we offer all Hostpoint customers a domain-validated SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt – free of charge! Enable FreeSSL and do your part to create a secure internet.

protects personal information

  • Info request form
  • Name and contact details
  • Visitor behavior
  • Online surveys
Sensitive private
SSL-encrypted data
Encrypted private

SSL – secure data transfer

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This technology creates a secure connection between your website and the web browser of the person visiting your site. From this point on, all sensitive data is encrypted before transfer via this connection, meaning that it cannot be viewed or used by others.

protects highly sensitive data too

  • Login details
    (user name & password)
  • File transfers
    (via browser)

SSL for businesses
– a must for your web shop!

FreeSSL is designed for use by private individuals. If you run a business, an SSL certificate with additional company verifi­cation offers a major advantage – and is simply a must for online shops that accept payments by credit card. Show your visitors that their data is safe with you and that the website is actually run by your company rather than some fake one. A certificate from Sectigo provides security and confidence – and will help you achieve even more interactions and sales transactions.

Hostpoint FreeSSL supports this and many other web browsers

SSL offers
many benefits

Builds trust in your website and brand

As an SSL-encrypted website, the certificate improves your web presence and reinforces
your company's reputation.

Optional SSL activation

You can activate/deactivate FreeSSL at any time. The change is applied within a few minutes.

Secure data transfer

By transferring data securely, you reduce the risk of abuse and send a clear message to your visitors.

Upgrade FreeSSL at any time

We offer a broad range of security certificates. You can upgrade to a company certificate at any time.

Google rewards the use of SSL

Improve your Google ranking by as much as 5 %: better rankings in search engine results will attract more visitors to your website, translating into more sales transactions.

More interaction

Visitors who trust your website will spend more time on it and are more likely to contact you or complete a purchase.

Google rewards websites that use SSL
– Improve your search engine rankings!

The internet is Google's lifeblood, so Google wants it to be secure. In 2014, the company began rewarding websites that support SSL connections: using an SSL certificate can improve your rankings in search results by as much as 5 %. Compared to other SEO methods, that's a big figure with a major impact.

Visibility of your website on Google
without SSL
with SSL

Activate FreeSSL with a Web hosting
or a domain

Web hosting

Get started with our web hosting and activate FreeSSL easily.



You can also activate FreeSSL for domains.

Step 1: In your web browser, go to and log in with your Hostpoint ID or Control Panel user name and password. Select the web hosting account for which you want to activate FreeSSL.
Step 2: Click on the menu item "Website" and then pick the site you want to change.
Step 3: You can then activate FreeSSL with just a few easy clicks.
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for new customers

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