Who we are

We started off with a simple and convincing idea and have developed into the leading Swiss web hosting provider and domain registrar.

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To make the technology of the future even faster, to offer an even greater range of products and to make sure we are able to deliver competent support to our customers, we reinvest the proceeds from our business success in new technologies, innovations and in our staff.

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We are the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland and the registrar for all of your domains. But that's just a big number. What we're really proud of is our customers - the big fish and the numerous small gems.


years of experience

As an online company, we've made a big contribution to the development of new technologies that have left their mark on web hosting and the internet. We look toward the future with great curiosity and are excited about providing our customers with an even better service tomorrow.

«Hostpoint plays an important role in keeping our website as young and dynamic as our audience.»
Christof Huber, Managing Director, OpenAir St. Gallen

Our mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a simple environment that lets them create and manage both simple and complex internet projects independently. In order to achieve this goal, you need creative, motivated and helpful specialists. And to allow our employees to evolve in the best way possible, we do everything we can to ensure they enjoy working for us.


Our values:


For us, friendliness and a readiness to help others are a given. And not only toward our customers. That's why we also take specific measures to cultivate the working environment at our company.


The electricity we use to operate and cool our data center comes exclusively from renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro.


We invest the proceeds from our business success in new technologies and innovations. As employees, we participate in ongoing training and further education, which benefits both us and our customers.


We want our customers to be a shaping and driving force for the internet. This is why we are so fervently exploring and developing new solutions that help you make your vision a reality.


The closely interwoven elements of our company ensure "coexistence" is something that is always palpable. This sense enlivens our team spirit and recognizes the importance of each individual.


Our passion for our work comes from the drive to make what we already have even better and to turn visions of a better online future into reality.

Milestones of Hostpoint
and the digital world since 2001

Partnerships with leading manufacturers and
service providers are an important success factor:


NetApp develops and produces high-quality storage products. Hostpoint uses products from NetApp for all of its data storage needs and modifies them to meet the high expectations of our customers.


Ascio is one of the leading domain registrars in Europe. Ascio relieves us of the considerable effort required for international domain registration, allowing us to focus on our customers and their needs.


Interxion operates several data centers throughout Europe. One of them is located in Glattbrugg near Zurich, where we have accommodated our infrastructure. Interxion specializes exclusively in data center services.


Symantec - In today's interconnected world, it is important to know and trust your partners and customers. For this reason, Hostpoint offers its customers SSL certificates from Symantec and from GeoTrust, which belongs to the Symantec group.


Hewlett-Packard is a technology developer and one of the most profitable IT companies in the world. Private and corporate customers are mostly familiar with the company's computers and printers, but HP also manufactures servers. We use powerful, reliable HP servers in our data centers.


sedo is the world's leading domain marketplace. Over 250,000 members use sedo to buy and sell web addresses worldwide. This partnership allows us to offer our customers added value in the area of domain names.


fotolia is the global marketplace for royalty-free images. The fotolia community brings photographers and illustrators together with buyers - without the complex licensing system of conventional image agencies.


PostFinance is the partner of choice for all Hostpoint webshops with integrated e-payment systems. The partnership between Hostpoint and PostFinance ensures that these shops are efficiently connected to a payment service provider. This payment solution allows webshops to meet their customers' expectations without being exposed to any financial risks.


Migros Club School is the largest further education institution in Switzerland. There are many reasons for why it is so popular, one of which is the hands-on, diverse range of courses it has to offer. Hostpoint supports Migros Club School with servers for all technical IT courses, such as for web training sessions.


audriga, Karlsruhe-based, develops and operates a simple, highly scalable migration service for emails, contacts and calendars. The company was founded in October 2011 as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI).

NetApp develops and produces high-quality storage products. Hostpoint uses products from NetApp for all of its data storage needs and modifies them to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Networking and quality labelling –
We are member of these associations and labels:


The quality seal swiss hosting was developed by the label “swiss made software” and may only be used by Swiss hosting providers with headquarters and data location in Switzerland. This is to mark the Swissness and quality of the local hosting industry. Hostpoint has been bearing the label since its launch in 2020. Declaration: With the exception of a few components of rankingCoach, all data relating to our products and services are stored on our servers in Switzerland.


SWISS LABEL is the trademark-protected seal of origin and quality for the promotion of Swiss products and services domestically and internationally. The “swiss made” label and the crossbow symbol stand for Swiss values such as quality, safety and reliability. Hostpoint has been wearing the SWISS LABEL since 2010.


Hostpoint is a member of Swico, the business association of the Swiss ICT and online industry. Swico represents the interests of established companies and start-ups towards politics, business and society. Since 2013 Hostpoint has already been a member of Simsa, the former professional association of the Swiss Internet industry, which merged with Swico in 2018. Within Swico we also take on a leading role in the "IG Hosting", the members specialist committee on hosting-related topics.


swissICT is the largest professional association in the Swiss ICT industry and connects providers, users and professionals. The association promotes the image of the Swiss ICT industry as well as good framework conditions and encourages the exchange of ideas and the professional know-how of its members. Hostpoint has been a member of swissICT since 2010.


The Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA) is group consisting of companies, authorities and associations, that regularly launches various awareness campaigns for cyber security under the "iBarry" brand. Hostpoint has been a member of SISA since 2014.

The quality seal swiss hosting was developed by the label “swiss made software” and may only be used by Swiss hosting providers with headquarters and data location in Switzerland. This is to mark the Swissness and quality of the local hosting industry. Hostpoint has been bearing the label since its launch in 2020. Declaration: With the exception of a few components of rankingCoach, all data relating to our products and services are stored on our servers in Switzerland.

Why Hostpoint?
We asked our customers:


Fabian Gruber

Creative Direction / Partner, Jade Club

«The Jade Club & Restaurant in Zurich has been with Hostpoint from the very beginning because we need a secure server solution and must always be easy to reach. Hostpoint also offers us tools for administration as well as super-fast, reliable support.»


Andrea Morgenthaler

Managing Director, Amodesign

«It's important that my customers have a dependable and competent hosting partner. The expert support and fast service are just as important as the friendly contact. Hostpoint meets these expectations.»


Christof Huber

Managing Director, OpenAir St. Gallen

«For years, OpenAir St. Gallen has been one of the largest and most popular festivals in Switzerland. Hostpoint plays an important role in keeping our website as young and dynamic as our audience.»


Etienne Schoch

Partner & Managing Director

«To ensure that our discerning customers are satisfied, we at Blackpoints rely on Hostpoint for all things web hosting-related. And they have met all of our needs. One of our customers, a global banking giant, also opted for a Managed Server solution from Hostpoint.»


Matt Gehri

Young entrepreneur, slackliner, bon vivant

«In slacklining, you have to fully trust every single element. Otherwise, it's impossible or dangerous. And it's exactly the same with web hosting, or you'll never get up high. Hostpoint is helping me realize my dream.»


Matthias Studer

Repair for iPods, iPads and iPhones

«Starting out as Switzerland's iPod doctor (Tages-Anzeiger) in 2005, we are now the leader for all iPod, iPad and iPhone repairs. We appreciate Hostpoint most of all for its very fast and competent support.»


Marc Sway

Musician and composer

«Making life easier and more practical is a constant motivating force for Hostpoint. The company's helpful customer service manages to create an environment of familiarity.»


Christian Berra

Founder and owner, ChezVelo

«As a maker of exclusive and exquisite cycling creations (Cro-Mo), we at ChezVelo need a partner who can meet all of our electronic communications needs in one place. Together with Hostpoint, we have succeeded in creating an effective website and were able to make global contacts within a short time and get our first projects off the ground.»


Chris von Rohr

Music producer/author

«Since I've been rocking out with Hostpoint, I generate much more traffic for my own page and get the sense that these young druids have everything under control. I'm 1000 percent satisfied. Hostpoint kicks mean bad ass!»


Eva Zahnd

Holiday apartment manager

«A year ago, my son helped me design the website for my holiday apartment. The site had barely gone up before I began receiving the first inquiries. The rental process has been working fantastically ever since thanks to the website. After renting out the place, I always receive gratifying feedback. A heartfelt thanks to Hostpoint!»


Franco Knie jun.

Master elephant keeper & internet administrator, Circus Knie

«In addition to our day-to-day work with the animals in and around the ring, we depend on well-qualified partners in a wide range of areas. When it comes to web hosting, we're backing the right horse! The value for money and support meet our high expectations. Even though we are just one of more than 100,000 customers, the level of support remains good.»


Franziska Rüdisüli

Founder, meinstyle.ch

«Hostpoint Sites makes it a snap to create posts and upload images and other documents. Simple, straightforward and very easy for anyone to understand!»


Marc Lynn


«The professional platform from Hostpoint is the exceptional way for us to run our interactive website professionally. The additional options to reliably exchange music files and productions are an indispensable tool for us! For Gotthard, Hostpoint is the ideal partner with that certain je ne sais quoi. It's also called rock'n'roll!»


Melanie Winiger


«My eclectic and sophisticated website is a world traveler thanks to Hostpoint. A warm thanks to the people in Rapperswil-Jona.»


Nando Meier

Advertisement artist & Managing Director, dropsdesign.ch

«For our company, Hostpoint is the ideal, least expensive, most professional and most customer-friendly hosting partner, offering a cleverly designed and outstanding product. We also use Hostpoint for our customers and, depending on the requirements profile, recommend to them one of the three server solutions.»


Oliver Enderli

Managing Director, IX Partners

«Hostpoint has been with us for six years now as our business has evolved. We work in the field of strategic and organizational development for SMEs. When developing our new services in the area of strategic marketing projects, we always recommend Hostpoint as a solid, highly capable partner to our customers.»


Dirk Daems

Head of Corporate IT, skyguide

«The Swiss air traffic control service skyguide is distinguished by its high dependability - around the clock. So it was especially important to us that we find a web hosting partner that could meet our requirements. Hostpoint has proven itself in practice thanks to its outstanding customer service and dependable infrastructure.»


Pascal Troller

Cultural heritage advisor

«Hostpoint helps me in my efforts to preserve the valuable historical cultural heritage of our country. A huge thanks to the dependable Hostpoint team.»


Patrick Hüsler

Proprietor, Hüsler Informatik

«As a software engineer, I want to focus on developing new products, without having to deal with the cumbersome administration of web and mail servers. As a reliable and competent partner, Hostpoint allows me to get my projects online easily and conveniently.»


Peter Hofstetter

Photographer/proprietor, Peter Hofstetter Fotostudio

«It's important that the website is always working perfectly. Hostpoint ensures that it is.»


René Strickler

Trainer of beasts of pray

«The beasts of pray park offers visitors the opportunity to experience predatory animals practically face-to-face. We need a reliable hosting partner in order to make sure that our visitors are always up-to-date about our activities, events and news. Hostpoint is right for us in every respect!»


Reto Caviezel

CEO, Carré Event

«The Rapperswil-Jona blues'n'jazz festival relies on having a website that functions perfectly at all times. We use the platform to provide our visitors with information, but many people also use it to buy their tickets. In Hostpoint, we have found a partner that can guarantee us 100% dependability.»


Roger Grollimund

Founder/Managing Director, Schtifti Foundation

«In our work, the web is an important medium for mobilizing our efforts toward creating a healthy future. This allows us to provide parents and teachers, as well as children and young people, with knowledge about nutrition and exercise. And without interruption, thanks to Hostpoint's dependability. Now that's what we call support!»


Thomas Walser

Head of marketing, SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

«Hostpoint is a safe bet for us Lakers. Scoring straight into the goal and an indomitable defender. And for quite a few years, no less. This team is at the top of its game.»


Roman Albisser


«As a band, we always give it 200% on stage and have found Hostpoint to be a partner that gives our website the same volume of power. Keep on rocking!»


Simon Beyeler

Sports marksman/Olympian

«Concentration, stamina and endurance are what matters in our sport. Now that the 2008 Olympics in Beijing are behind us, we are focusing fully on London 2012! We were also looking for top performance for our TYPO3 hosting. We have found Hostpoint to be a reliable partner. Thank you!»


Ueli Kestenholz

Snowboarder/extreme athlete

«Along with my main occupation as a professional snowboarder, I want my new website to provide glimpses into other amazing outdoor sports. I need space and an adept partner to handle multimedia content such as photos and videos. And what's important for me is that Hostpoint offers easy-to-reach, professional support if there are ever any problems.»


Joe Kunz

Island caretaker

«Thanks to Hostpoint, our website for the island of Lützelau is accessible to everyone, bringing our customers and visitors to us here on the island.»