Domain Guard Protection
against internal and external risks

Domain Guard provides effective protection for your domain names against unauthorized or faulty changes. Authorized persons designated by you must approve any domain changes before they are permitted to be implemented.

Protection against misuse

Domain Guard operates according to the approval principle in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from taking over a domain name or carrying out any malicious activities - even if they gain access to a user's account.

Protection against internal errors

Accidental or erroneous internal actions are minimized thanks to Domain Guard's supervisory function over the approval concept. As a result, any inadvertent errors are identified before it is too late.

Protection against variations

Variations of a domain name also require the approval of all authorized persons, thereby preventing unauthorized changes and variations.

Domain Guard protects against the following changes:

Domain name owner changes
Technical contact changes
Domain cancellation
Name server changes
DNSSEC changes

Domain Guard works

William's team uses Domain Guard to protect its domain names against changes and variations and consequently from being exploited by third parties. Domain Guard also helps the team identify and protect against any instances of erroneous internal manipulation.

1. Create request – William creates a request to change the domain owner.
2. Submit request – Domain Guard forwards William's request to the authorized persons associated with the domain.
3. Approval – Authorized persons approve or reject the request online.
Implementation with
Domain Guard

For 1 authorized person

This authorized person has 7 days’ right of refusal. Should the authorized person not respond within this period, the change is implemented.

Implementation with
Domain Guard Pro

For up to 2 authorized persons

Hostpoint executes the change only after all authorized persons associated with the domain have approved the request.

Services and how to activate them

Domain Shield

The all-in-one domain protection includes:
Domain Guard
  • For 1 authorized person
  • Protection against misuse
  • Protection against internal errors
  • Protection against unintentional changes
Data protection through trustee service

With our trustee service (Domain Privacy), you are represented in the domain registry by “Swiss Domain Trustee AG”. This way, third parties are unable to access your personal information. Customers of the trustee service experience no disadvantages. We always forward legitimate inquiries to you. Your personal information is protected:

  • Your address details are not sent to registry offices; instead they remain exclusively with us in Switzerland
  • Protection against data misuse
  • We forward legitimate inquiries about your domain directly to you
CHF 12.00 / year

Domain Shield

How to activate Domain Shield
Purchase or transfer domain
Hostpoint customers

How to add Domain Shield to your domain hosted by Hostpoint!

  1. Log into the control panel.
  2. Navigate to your domains.
  3. In the domain list, click on DOMAIN SHIELD
  4. You will then be guided through the activation process.
Domain Guard Pro

With the Domain Guard Pro add-on, you can upgrade Domain Shield with additional functions.

  • For up to 2 authorized persons
  • Only implemented if approved by all
+ CHF 8.00 / year
Domain Guard Pro
How to activate the Domain Guard Pro add-on.
Hostpoint customers

How to add Domain Guard Pro to your domain hosted by Hostpoint!

  1. Log into the control panel.
  2. Navigate to your domains.
  3. In the domain list, click on DOMAIN SHIELD
  4. Make sure you have already activated Domain Shield for your domain.
  5. You can then activate the Domain Guard Pro add-on for Domain Privacy.
Please note that Domain Shield must already be active in order to activate Domain Guard Pro.

Domain Guard – FAQs

What is Domain Guard?

Hostpoint Domain Guard offers protection for your valuable domain. After activating Domain Guard, as the domain owner you can select a certain number of authorized persons. Future changes to the domain can only be executed once they have been approved by all authorized persons.

This prevents malicious external or inadvertent internal manipulation, thereby providing effective protection for your domain name.

As a current Hostpoint customer, how do I activate Domain Guard?

Log in to the Hostpoint Control Panel and select "Domains" from the menu. You can then activate Hostpoint Domain Guard for any of your domains.

Please note: Once you have activated Domain Guard and have added any authorized persons, it will no longer be possible for individual persons to make changes to the domain.

Can I also use Domain Guard if I am not a Hostpoint customer?

No. You must manage your domain name through Hostpoint in order to use Domain Guard. If you buy a new domain name from us or transfer your existing domain nameto us, you can activate Domain Guard via the Control Panel.

Where can I find more information about Domain Guard?

For more information about Domain Guard, please refer to our Domain Guard FAQ.


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