Complete control with your Managed Flex Server from Hostpoint

Complete control with your Managed Flex Server from Hostpoint

Running a dedicated server infrastructure often involves a lot of work, especially for SMEs and web agencies. This is now a thing of the past thanks to the new Managed Flex Server from Hostpoint.

Mauro Landolt Mauro Landolt · Head of Communication

With the new cloud-based managed server solution, Hostpoint manages the server and supports new technologies for dedicated services, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. The OpenStack-based, 100% virtualized server infrastructure of the new Managed Flex Server products offers maximum flexibility and delivers high performance and availability.

When we developed our Managed Flex product, it was very important to us that we offer full integration into our proven and tested Hostpoint infrastructure, because it enables customers to manage their Managed Flex Server on their own using the Hostpoint Control Panel. There are new options as well, such as the ability to use Nginx as a front-end web server. It can be used as a complement to the Managed Flex Server or in place of an Apache web server.

With a unique solution developed by our engineering team, the front-end web server can be configured as desired based on an individual domain. This means you can use Nginx and Apache simultaneously for different domains on the same Managed Flex Server.

Lightning-fast caching with Memcached and Redis

All Flex Server products come with two well-known and highly popular caching services as standard: Memcached and Redis, which store frequently used data directly in the server’s high-speed memory for lightning-fast availability in web applications. Customers also have the option of using the Nginx web server as a cache.

The entire Managed Flex Server environment was developed specifically for the most popular content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress, TYPO3, Joomla, Neos, Magento and Drupal. For example, a popular CMS like WordPress can be optimized for use with Hostpoint using the appropriate plug-ins or optimization settings for even faster loading times, offering website operators many new ways to optimize their web presence.

Almost unlimited possibilities for developers

But Flex Servers can do even more. Hostpoint offers developers a range of services and components that we operate, monitor and update on an ongoing basis. In addition to Nginx, Memcached and Redis, these include Node.js and Maria DB, for example.

You can also install other applications, such as Apache Solr, Express, Tomcat or Elasticsearch on your Managed Flex Server and manage them independently. Here we offer the Custom Service Control to ensure that the applications can be properly shut down and restarted again for maintenance or updates.

Of course, proprietary developments can also be run on Managed Flex Servers and managed with the Custom Service Control. They can be built with frameworks like Ruby on Rails or application servers like WildFly (JBoss), or developed in a supported programming language, such as Java, Ruby or Python. The possibilities are almost limitless, as long as the application is compatible with our Unix platform (FreeBSD).

All-inclusive service with a Managed Flex Server from Hostpoint

The Hostpoint Control Panel offers our Managed Flex customers access to the full range of features and plenty of extra services. The Control Panel makes it easy to manage websites, e-mail accounts and databases. Free Let’s Encrypt or Business EV SSL certificates are very easy to install as well. All Flex Server products include an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, each with 5 GB of storage, as well as backups of up to 180 days (during the first 24 hours, we even offer hourly snapshots). Flex customers also benefit from our top-quality Swiss support, 365 days a year. The higher-end packages let you pick between two optional service level agreements (SLA): Platinum support level with 99.5% or 99.9% guaranteed availability.

Cloud hosting located 100% in Switzerland and GDPR-compliant

Our whole infrastructure, software development and all Hostpoint jobs are based in Switzerland. Our data center is located in CO2-neutral Swiss data centers operated by Interxion, allowing us to offer “green” hosting. Along with all of the usual Swiss ISO certifications, Interxion also operates in compliance with FINMA standards, meaning that it meets the high standards of Switzerland’s financial sector.

Data security and data protection are very important to us. We protect our hosting platform and, as a result, all of our customers’ websites against DDoS attacks. The Managed Flex Server solution from Hostpoint is also GDPR-compliant. GDPR has become a highly critical issue for many Swiss SMEs and web agencies. The Control Panel makes it very easy for Hostpoint customers to enter into a DPA agreement with us at no extra charge.

A range of packages to meet any requirement

Hostpoint offers five different Managed Flex Server packages ranging from Flex Server S all the way to Flex Server XXL. With Flex M and higher, customers have extra options, such as the ability to run Apache and Nginx web servers simultaneously and access to developer technologies for web applications built with Java, Ruby or Python.

Curious? Take advantage of our free 30-day trial offer and get a taste for our Flex Server products. No commitment required. Existing Hostpoint web hosting customers can simply upgrade to a Flex Server when needed.

All product descriptions, terms and optional service level agreements can be found here:

Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon. Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon.

An e-mail address with your own domain

Discover the new e-mail packages with Cloud Office from Hostpoint. The domain of your choice for your email addresses, generous mailbox and Drive storage, various Office tools and much more.