FreeSSL: Now everyone can get SSL encryption for free!

FreeSSL: Now everyone can get SSL encryption for free!

Fake e-mails, online fraud, malware, botnets… the list goes on. Threats lurk around every corner on the internet. Yet we continue to be way too careless with the trail of personal data we leave behind all over the internet as a result of unsecured connections, for example, when we fill out forms or even when entering a username and password on a website. Hostpoint believes this needs to change!

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So we decided to launch FreeSSL, which offers free SSL encryption for any domain registered with or hosted by Hostpoint. Customers can enable secure data transfer to their websites with just a few mouse clicks in the Control Panel – at no extra charge! And even if the domain you registered with through Hostpoint is operated by one of our competitors, you can still use a certificate signing request (CSR, received from your hosting provider) to download the appropriate SSL certificate free of charge from the Hostpoint certificate manager and then operate your website with secure data encryption.

https is the new http

Efforts have been underway for some time now to make connections used to transfer data over the internet more secure. For this reason, developers of web browsers like Chrome or Firefox are already considering giving preference to encrypted connections over unencrypted ones when transferring data. Google already rewards encrypted websites by offering them a valuable boost in its search rankings.

Leading the way with Hostpoint and FreeSSL

What’s clear is that secure https connections will eventually replace unencrypted http connections – and this is going to happen sooner rather than later. Connections protected with SSL certificates will soon be offered as good practice, and web browsers will warn users when they attempt to visit unencrypted websites.

So there are plenty of good reasons to start operating your website with SSL today. And with FreeSSL from Hostpoint it’s no longer rocket science.

Extended validation certificates for building trust

Are there even any reasons to use organization-validated (OV) or extended validation (EV) certificates? Certainly. OV and EV certificates not only offer secure communications; they also signify to your website visitors that your website is trustworthy because OV and EV SSL certificates also involve checking the identity of the website operator, for example, by verifying the commercial registry record through phone calls and several other measures. This gives visitors the confidence of always knowing the website is legitimate and that the company behind it actually exists. And with the Extended Validation SSL certificate, this credibility is also signaled prominently by the green-colored address line in the web browser.

Are you ready for SSL?

Our Support Center provides all of the necessary information on how to use FreeSSL [LINK TO FREESSL-FAQ]. There you can find out how to activate FreeSSL for your websites along with answers to other pressing questions.

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