From zero to digital: What startups need for a digital launch

From zero to digital: What startups need for a digital launch

Domains, websites, e-mails, shared file storage… startups need quite a few tools to hit the ground running. In this article, we show founders what they need for a successful digital presence.

Claudius Röllin Claudius Röllin · Co-Founder & CPO

A total of 51,637 new businesses were registered in Switzerland in 2023 – an average of more than 141 companies founded per day. With that much competition, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself on the market from day one. The decision to found a new company demands courage, resolve and a clear vision.

Above all, however, it needs a company name that not only reflects the identity of the company and is remembered by potential customers, but is still available in the digital space. As soon as this is found and the corresponding domain is free, many start-ups ask themselves the “classic” questions:

Many of these questions and their answers are closely linked to the startup’s website. Four building blocks are essential for this: the careful choice of a domain name, the associated e-mail addresses, the choice of a reliable web host and the strategic design of a website (you can find an overview of matching Hostpoint products in the table further below).

These four factors make it possible to attract potential customers in the first place, to keep them on the site, and to convince them to buy.

Choosing a suitable domain name

The choice of a suitable domain name is more than just an administrative step: it’s a strategic decision that significantly influences the brand identity and online visibility of your startup. In fact, the choice of a domain name is often directly or very closely related to the new company’s naming process. An intuitive, brand-related domain name makes it easier for potential customers to find your business online, to remember it, and to build trust in it.

Here are a few tips for choosing your domain name:

  1. Finding a name
    Choose a name that is short, memorable and easy to type. Avoid words with difficult spellings or characters that are not used in some languages or keyboard layouts.

  2. Top-level domains (TLD)
    Whether it’s .com, .net, .org or country-specific endings like .de, .ch or .swiss – a clever choice of top-level domain can affect the perception and findability of your brand.

  3. Trademark law
    Check whether the desired name is already protected by trademark law or is too similar to existing brand names in order to avoid legal conflicts.

  4. Scalability
    Consider whether the company or product name will still suit your business if it continues to develop or expands into new areas in the future. If domain names are available in countries which may become commercially relevant in the future, you should also secure these domain names (with various spellings). For Switzerland, both a .ch domain and a .swiss domain are a good choice to highlight your connection to Switzerland.

Check now:
As the leading domain name registrar in Switzerland with ICANN accreditation since 2013, we at Hostpoint offer all domain endings available on the free market. Choose your preferred domain now!

Developing and building the website

The digital presence of your start-up is both a signboard and a business card for partners and potential customers. The following factors are key to ensuring an effective and appealing online presence:

Once you have decided on the key points for the development and design of your website, you should focus on choosing the right content management system (CMS). An intuitive, user-friendly CMS not only makes it easier for you to manage and adapt your content, but also to react quickly to market changes, new legislation and user feedback.

E-commerce startups should consider specialized complete solutions like Hostpoint’s Webshop or WooCommerce, which are compatible with WordPress hosting and enable seamless integration of online shop functionalities. These solutions offer additional options for product management, payment processing and customer interaction, making them a practical tool for online retail.

Efficient teamwork saves resources

Startups often need to use limited resources efficiently. That means they need solutions and tools for efficient team collaboration. For reasons of cost, they often end up using multiple separate (free) applications for e-mail, data storage, collaboration and planning, which makes work processes more complicated and wastes time.

Appearing respectable to partners and customers means getting e-mail addresses matching a highly recognizable domain name.

Integrated office solutions such as Cloud Office from Hostpoint offer the advantage of combining central data storage as well as calendar and collaboration tools on one platform in addition to email management. This facilitates efficient collaboration on documents in real time and simplifies the flow of ideas and adaptations within the team.

Whether for private use or to equip your own start-up: with the E-mail & Cloud Office offers, everyone will find the right solution.

We’re here to help:
Have you just founded your own company and are looking for a reliable provider for domains, web hosting and e-mail? Contact us at or call us at 0844 04 04 04. We’re happy to advise you about our attractive offers for new customers.

What Hostpoint product is right for me?

Hostpoint offers a broad range of products and services suitable for startups. From classic web hosting solutions to solutions for digital collaboration – you’ll find everything you need. Below, we offer you an overview of our products and explain for which startup challenges they are best suited:

Product Description Ideal for startups that…
Domains Registration, management and transfer of domains, DNSSEC-signed. Supplementary protection service Domain Shield. need secure, high-performance management of their domains or want to expand their domain portfolio.
E-mail & Cloud Office Web-based e-mail management and cloud storage with office and team functions (drive, calendar, address book, shared working on documents in real time). would like a professional e-mail as well as efficient communication and collaboration in the team.
Web hosting Three web hosting packages: Standard, Small, Business –including storage, domain and database support, with a focus on security and support. want to build a professional web presence with clear goals and without complex technical requirements.
Managed Flex Server Scalable server solutions with high flexibility and performance, support a wide variety of developer technologies. have high requirements for performance, security and technologies.
Sites User-friendly website builder with a variety of functions and storage options. want to create a simple website quickly and without requiring previous knowledge.
Webshop E-commerce solution with adaptable design templates, integrated payment solutions and much more. want to build an online shop, from newcomers to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.
rankingCoach Software for search engine optimization of your own web presence. want to optimize their web content for search engines and reach higher rankings in search results without needing much prior knowledge.

You can manage your products through the Hostpoint Control Panel, our intuitive tool for simple management of your web hosting.

This allows you to add domains, set up e-mail addresses, edit websites and organize databases – all in just a few clicks. Developed for beginners and pros alike, it provides access to a huge variety of functions, including domain management, access to statistics and mobile administration from your smartphone.

The Hostpoint Control Panel allows you to manage all your Hostpoint services, from your domain to your e-mail accounts of your Cloud Office.

Still have questions?

Equipping a startup with the right digital tools is no easy task. Here’s another overview of the most important factors in building a digital presence:

  1. Choosing the right domain:
    An intuitive, brand-related domain name increases online visibility and strengthens the trust of potential customers.

  2. Choosing the right hosting package:
    Hostpoint offers different web hosting, managed server and cloud office packages to meet every demand and to guarantee the best possible performance and security.

  3. Developing a user-friendly website:
    Design your website to reach your target audience with a clear structure, high-quality visual elements and an optimized user experience. The first step is choosing the right CMS.

  4. Optimizing for search engines and mobile devices:
    Make sure loading times are fast and your design is responsive to achieve good visibility both in search engines and on mobile devices.

  5. Data privacy and security:
    Guarantee the security of user data and make sure your website complies with current data privacy regulations.

  6. Efficient teamwork through integrated office solutions:
    Use cloud-based office solutions for efficient e-mail management, data storage and collaboration in the team.

  7. Customer support and advice:
    Make use of comprehensive support and advice to get help quickly if you have questions or problems.

If you do have questions or problems or aren’t sure what solution is right for you, our friendly and free support will be very happy to advise you by e-mail at or by telephone at 0844 04 04 04. We’re here for you 7 days a week in four languages, by e-mail, telephone and WhatsApp. We look forward to hearing from you!

Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon. Visualization of an email inbox in a laptop screen with Cloud Office icon.

An e-mail address with your own domain

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