Domain extension .swiss coming soon for private individuals

Domain extension .swiss coming soon for private individuals

Starting April 24, 2024, a new exclusive digital space will open up: .swiss domains will no longer be reserved for companies and organizations but will now be available to private individuals as well. Effective immediately, all interested parties can submit their applications for .swiss domains to Hostpoint.

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According to (a division of OFCOM), approximately 27,000 .swiss domain names have been registered since the introduction of .swiss domains for corporate customers in 2015 (as of December 2023). With the imminent launch for private customers, the Swiss domain market is now seeing some movement. At the same time, exciting new opportunities are emerging for Swiss domain customers. Even if a desired e-mail address with the customary .ch ending has already been taken, private individuals now have the unique chance to obtain a domain connected to Switzerland with their own first or last name.

The allocation of this domain extension, which was previously reserved exclusively for companies with an entry in the commercial register, will begin in April. One of the most important requirements still restricts domain allocation to persons with Swiss citizenship or residency in Switzerland.

To ensure that these criteria are met, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) monitors the allocation process and ultimately decides on the granting of a .swiss domain. However, you can already submit your application for a domain with Hostpoint before the official launch on April 24. In this blog article, we explain when a .swiss domain makes sense and what other requirements will need to be met.

The advantages of a .swiss domain with Hostpoint

In today’s digital landscape, in which memorable and meaningful .ch domains have become increasingly rare, the .swiss domain is a welcome alternative for standing out in the crowd.

When you want to set up a new e-mail address with your own name as the domain (e.g. “”), you often encounter the problem that the desired domain name is already taken (in this example “”). Enter the .swiss domain. It allows you to set up a unique, memorable and personal e-mail address with your own name (e.g. or e-mail with”).

As the leading domain registry in Switzerland, we already manage more than one million domain names and are also the largest provider of .ch domains today. In short: we know about domains! For this reason, we are now offering interested .swiss private customers the opportunity to submit a registration application for .swiss domains via our Hostpoint Shop. We will collect all applications and then automatically forward them to for review starting April 24.

Our service:
Submit your application now. In the first year you will receive your .swiss domain for only CHF 90 instead of the regular price of CHF 120 per year.

Submit an application with Hostpoint now

As the leading domain registry in Switzerland with ICANN accreditation, we are the ideal partner for registering .swiss domains. We are available to answer all your questions free of charge by phone or e-mail, seven days a week, in your own language.

As soon as the application for your .swiss domain has been approved by OFCOM, you can use the Hostpoint E-mail & Cloud Office product to order a corresponding e-mail address at any time and use it with your new .swiss domain. This allows you to take full advantage of a .swiss domain and distinguish yourself in the digital world.

Criteria and allocation process for private individuals

OFCOM has defined an exact process with guidelines that makes .swiss domains only available in Switzerland or for the Swiss community. Private individuals with Swiss citizenship and residents of Switzerland are now also eligible. This means that people who are not Swiss but live in Switzerland can register .swiss domains.

Swiss citizens abroad can also apply for .swiss domains but may not use them for commercial purposes – only for private, charitable, or association-related purposes. Anyone who wants to use a .swiss domain for business must be based in Switzerland. This is to ensure that .swiss domains remain closely connected to Switzerland and that the purpose is not abused.

The domain name must be directly related to your own person, for example your official first or last name. Artists’ names, names adopted for religious reasons or registered brand names are also permitted. This rule is intended to ensure that the domain names are personally relevant and clearly identifiable.

However, names that are generic in nature (e.g. “” or “”) are only permitted with specific add-ons such as the first name, a made-up name or a hobby. You can find exact details in our Support Center article.

Submission and review of the registration application

The process from preparation of the application to approval can be summarized in the following five steps:

  1. Select the domain name:
    Search the Hostpoint Shop for your desired name with a .swiss extension that meets the specified criteria (e.g. official last name, first name, artist name, your name in combination with a desired keyword, etc.).

  2. Provide the required information:
    Enter your home address and your OASI number with your .swiss application.

  3. Submit your application:
    Once all the information in the Hostpoint Shop has been completed correctly, you can submit your application to us. We will then forward this to the registry administrator (OFCOM) on April 24, 2024.

  4. Application review by OFCOM:
    OFCOM will examine your application for 20 days to ensure that it is complete and meets the criteria for domain allocation. If there is no objection or a competing application within this period, the domain name is usually allocated within the next few days. Since demand is expected to be strong, especially at the beginning of the market launch, it may take a few weeks until the final allocation is made.

  5. Confirmation and activation:
    OFCOM will inform Hostpoint after the allocation is successful and definitive. The applicant or customer will then receive a confirmation notification. Thereafter, the domain name is active and can be used.

Hostpoint cannot guarantee successful .swiss registrations and assumes no liability if a .swiss domain cannot be registered.

The introduction of the .swiss domain gives private individuals the opportunity to create a personal and distinctive presence on the Internet that is closely linked to their Swiss identity. It also offers the unique opportunity to secure the domain name you have been waiting for using your own name with a Swiss connection for e-mail correspondence. So don’t hesitate any longer and submit your application in the Hostpoint Shop now.

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