Customer Care

Advice and support make a big difference for our customers and really set us apart from our competitors. Around half of our employees are engaged in supporting customers to ensure that we have enough time for their concerns. As a member of our Customer Care team, you enable our customers to get the most out of their products.

the numbers

  • 30 Customer Care techs
  • 7 Customer Care billing administrators
  • 12 weekend workers
  • Average age: 34


  • You are the link between people and technology.
  • Our customers rely on your help.
  • Your feedback helps us to design our offering.
  • You are the voice of Hostpoint.

Your contact

Contact Gilles if you have any questions about what it’s like to work in Customer Care.

Customer Care

Our vacancies:

  • Currently we are complete

    Unless you have superpowers. Then send us your application to

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