Software Development

We have developed our own platform that integrates and continuously upgrades all Hostpoint services and business processes. This is the heart of Hostpoint, to all intents and purposes, as not only our customers but all Hostpointers rely on it. As a software developer, you ensure we maintain a stable and reliable heartbeat. You also guarantee that new concepts are best incorporated into our existing offering. In doing so, you enable our customers and your colleagues to work with perfectly harmonized services and processes.

the numbers

  • 12 software developers
  • Average age: 34


  • Your feedback and ideas improve our processes
  • You help to simplify complex technical issues and therefore make products manageable for our customers
  • As a member of our Scrum team, you decide which stories we tackle in the next sprint
  • You create user-friendly interfaces and develop exciting features with direct customer benefit

Our favorite tools

These are our favorite technologies and applications we work with. But don't worry – this list isn't fixed, and we always love to discover new innovations. We also enjoy exploring new tools together with a view to implementing them in future!

Your contact

Contact Elias if you have any questions about what it’s like to be a software developer.

Software Development

Our vacancies:

  • Currently we are complete

    But if you already have a lot of experience with Java and Angular and would like to get started, then please send a spontaneous application to Blerta at

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