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Control Panel

Manage your web hosting account with the Hostpoint Control Panel: you can add domains, create new e-mail addresses, arrange your data and much, much more! It offers almost unlimited possibilities – everything a professional developer could wish for. Yet it is so simple to operate that even less experienced users soon feel like pros. A few of your options:

Setting up e-mail
Creating a new e-mail address is
just as easy as setting up an e-mail autoresponder that replies to e-mails with an out-of-office notice when you’re away. Create a mailing list to simplify the exchange of information within a group.
Editing websites
Here you have an overview of your websites, with various options for editing your individual projects. If you don’t have a website yet, you’ll also find a variety of options here for creating your website online – such as with the Sites application.
Connecting databases
For more complex projects, the management of new MariaDB data­bases and their users is clearly organized.
Managing websites
In addition to your contact data, you can also create FTP(S) accounts, download backup copies of your data and create cron jobs (i.e. automated functions) here.
Online help in every situation
The Support Center provides an­swers to all your questions. You can also consult the comprehensive Control Panel manual or conven­iently get in touch with our Support Center contact. You’ll also find im­portant information here about all maintenance work.
Real-time domain administration
Managing your Internet addresses couldn’t be easier. You can add new domains or create subdomains and change DNS records or name serv­ers yourself at any time. All in all, the perfect domain management tool, even for large domain portfolios.
Getting statistics
A range of statistics show you who has been visiting which of your web pages. You can even see where the visitors come from, which browser they used and how your websites were found. This will help you opti­mize your websites to increase traffic and continuously drive up your visitor numbers.
Mobile-optimized administration
Are you already en route to your vacation destination and forgot to set up your autoresponder for your e-mail address? No problem. Our Control Panel is also available as a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, enabling you to use any function in any situation.
Multi-account management
Manage all hosting accounts, domain names and Hostpoint services through one central login. There’s no annoying switching between various accounts – the ideal solution for private users, web­masters and agencies.
Customer administration: online data management
Use the customer administration features to manage your data online and conveniently send us things like address changes online.


Take advantage of the opportunity to add numerous applications to your web hosting account. We offer a range of popular CMS (TYPO3, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.), blogs (WordPress) and forums (phpBB). Our own applications such as Sites, Webshops and Cloud Office are especially convenient and easy to operate. Depending on your chosen web hosting plan, these apps may be included as standard. A few of your options:

With the astonishingly simple Sites website builder, you can design your own website without having to read a manual. Design and program pro­fessional websites without program­ming skills or web design expertise.
WordPress, Joomla!, TYPO3 & Co.
Advanced customers will be pleased with the popular CMS applications that can be installed or updated at the click of a button.
If you want to get off on the right foot as a professional online business, our proven webshop solution is the way to go.
Cloud Office
With the web-based Cloud Office, the office is always with you. You can even work as a team online. Cloud Office is included with all hosting accounts. Additional functions such as Active Sync or file storage can be purchased on top.


Our web hosting platform is at the core of our services. It guarantees our customers the highest possible performance and availability. That’s why we rely exclusively on top-quality hardware and software from leading manufacturers and combine them with our very own Control Panel.

Maximum performance thanks to 100 % SSD
All services on our web hosting platform are separate. Load balancing systems distribute loads between several different computers for services associated with especially high loads. This allows us to optimize and maximize performance for you – even when traffic increases. We've also developed applications that boost the speed of PHP or MariaDB. We always operate current high-speed brand-name servers that include high-performance Intel CPUs and large RAM capacity to give your website an extra boost. An ultra-fast all-flash storage solution for databases and our new storage cluster with 100% SSD hard drives (NVMe) ensure even more speed, cutting down webpage loading times as a result.
Redundant and powerful network
As a webspace provider, Hostpoint operates its own network, designed to provide redundancy, stability and speed. The network is connected to the Internet via two powerful Cisco routers, each of which has a connec­tion with two separate carriers and peering partners. This setup is known as “multihoming.” Even if one router fails, the Hostpoint network can be accessed without interrup­tion via the second router. If the connection to one carrier is inter­rupted, both routers can route data via the other carrier.
Intelligent load distribution
On our high-performance web hosting platform, all services are run separately and cannot compete for the same resources. In other words, web, database, e-mail, backup, ad­ministration and other services do not share the same server or server cluster. For resource-intensive ser­vices such as e-mail, Cloud Office or the Hostpoint Control Panel, we also employ so-called load balancing systems.
High-availability storage cluster
We are a reliable hosting partner offering secure storage cluster solutions: multiple independent clusters connected via a fast internal network with all web, e-mail, database and administration servers. The clusters store all customer data on external disk arrays and mirror them in another room (separate fire protection zone). The disk arrays are identical and also redundantly configured to always prevent loss of data even if an individual disk or disk array fails. This guarantees secure availability as well as maximum data security and system stability.
State-of-the-art hardware
We use the latest technology from top manufacturers and our servers are regularly maintained to the high­est professional standards. If a com­ponent fails, we replace the hard­ware immediately – without you or your customers noticing a thing.
Infrastructure DDoS protection
We protect our infrastructure against DDoS attacks. This protection helps us reduce the risk of your website going offline for an extended period due to an attack.
Multi-level caching
All web hosting services take advantage of Hostpoint multi-level caching. Combining multiple, extra-large capacity RAM can speed up loading times considerably for your website: PHP cache (RAM), file system cache (RAM), storage cache (RAM and SSD), database cache (RAM and SSD).

Security for your data

Whether it’s sensitive customer data or vacation photos, your data is our number one priority. That’s why our server facility is located in a high-security building in Switzerland, which is monitored around the clock by a professional security team and can be run on its own power.

Data center in Zurich
Our data center has an autonomous energy supply – 24/7, 365 days a year. Our infrastructure is based on a five-level physical security concept. Among other things, this includes separate fire protection zones, redundant electrical circuits and around-the-clock security surveillance. The data center meets FINMA-RS 08/07 (outsourcing banks) requirements and is ISO-27001-certified.
Backup up to 180 days
Web, e-mail and database backups are kept for up to 180 days depending on the web hosting package. These backups are performed four times daily and are all available for the most recent two-week period. For backups going back more than two weeks and up to one month, one backup per day is kept; one weekly backup is kept for the period going back 1-6 months. Data backups are available for up to 180 days for Business web hosting, up to 90 days for Smart web hosting and up to 30 days for Standard web hosting. Your data is backed up exclusively in Switzerland.
24/7 monitoring
We monitor all servers 24 hours a day and maintain them regularly. If a server experiences unexpected problems, we act immediately and resolve the issue right away.
Data security and system stability
Our storage cluster solutions connect multiple separate clusters via a fast internal network with all web, mail, database and administration servers. The clusters store all customer data on external disk arrays and mirror them in another room (separate fire protection zone). The disk arrays are identical and also redundantly configured to always prevent loss of data even if an individual disk or disk array fails. This guarantees maximum data security and system stability.
FreeSSL certificates
SSL certificates offer Hostpoint customers a way to build trust with their website visitors. We offer both free as well as paid SSL certificate options. This lets you and your visitors transfer data securely and in encrypted form — and Google rewards security with better rankings.


The members of our Support Team are absolute professionals when it comes to web hosting and customer service. You’ll receive friendly and expert help with any problem at any time!

Immediate support via phone and Skype
If something goes wrong, our sup­port staff will help you right away by phone. They’ll walk you through what you have to do, step-by-step.
Immediate support via e-mail and TeamViewer
If your problem is more complex and you want to show us screenshots or error messages, it’s best to send us an e-mail or request support via TeamViewer. Our support staff will get back to you right away.
Call-back service
Arrange a call-back time with us. You’ll find the call-back form in the Hostpoint Control Panel.
All inclusive
No matter how often you call or write to our support staff, you won’t pay one cent extra. All support is included in the price of our web hosting plans. Yet another testa­ment to how good our service is – and a great reason to work with us. Give us a try!
Hostpoint CheckIn
With Hostpoint CheckIn, you receive free personal advice on all our products and services from a staff member right here in Rapperswil-Jona.
Support even on weekends
Our support team is here to help you seven days a week. Even on Saturdays, Sundays and all public holidays from 8 am to 6 pm. You can contact us via telephone on 0844 040404 or send an e-mail to support@hostpoint.ch.

We are there to help you right from the start!

Our Support Center contains FAQs and user guides.

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