More than 50,000 merchants — from small one-person operations to large mail-order businesses — put their trust in our shop system and have transformed their business ideas into successful online businesses.

ePages eShops - Layout and design


Create your eShop according to your taste and individual requirements. Easy-to-use editors enable the quick and simple setup of your very own dream shop. With the design feature, you can follow every one of your changes in real time — easily and with no programming knowledge.

ePages eShops - Marketing and sales


The best products will not generate revenue for you if no one knows about them. The comprehensive marketing and sales possibilities of our shops enable you to reach your customers and other interested parties through a wide range of different channels. From simple newsletters to the latest applications in the field of social media, everything is covered to optimally present your products and services.

ePages eShops - Administration


Simple administrative processes for you and your customers guarantee smooth and efficient operations for making alterations to your product or customer base, orders and payments, and for entering new products and their categories. You also have the option of setting up multiple logins for different users, as well as business-to-business logins.

ePages eShops - Products


The range of products you are offering is of course the focal point of your eShop. That is why we offer a number of options and features in our shop solutions, enabling you to enter your products as you see fit. In addition to regular products, you can also include dates (scheduling) or rental equipment; or you can give your customers a “voice”, enabling them to submit ratings.

ePages eShops - Payment


The most important part for you as a merchant is the closing of the deal: the payment. Our eShops offer many options in this regard — be it currencies, payment options, or correspondence with the buyers.

ePages eShops - Extras


There are many useful and interesting extras in addition to the large number of basic features offered by our shop solutions. Major eShop issues are, for example, the security of payment procedures and the integration of search functions.

ePages eShops - Web hosting


Without webhosting, even the most efficient online shop software won’t generate any revenue. That’s why all the prices for our shop products already include hosting. Our business webhosting uses our flagship webhosting technology.

Many templates

Huge choice of designs

Choose the one template from many that lends a special touch to your eShop. All templates are divided into categories to lead and support you in your search for the most suitable design. Whether it is homemade jams, trendy T-shirts, creative gifts, or the latest skincare products, there is an appropriate design for every taste.

Simple “Quick Design"

Easy beginnings

With Quick Design, you will lay the cornerstone for your eShop with just a few clicks and will be working right from the start on your final design. No programming skills are necessary since all your actions are guided through self-explanatory buttons.

Customize your pages

Be creative!

Carry out detailed changes exactly according to your ideas: choose from a huge range of colors, many fonts and formats, configurable page elements, and many other possibilities — fine-tuning your eShop according to your wishes and your target audience.

The mobile version of the shop

Accessible from anywhere

Give your customers the option of ordering from your eShop from almost anywhere. Thanks to a design specifically optimized for mobile devices, the shop can be used through all popular smart phones and tablets for easy shopping while on the move.

Up to four languages (DE, FR, IT, EN)

Expand your market!

Acquire and convince customers with a multi-language eShop. Essential and Premium versions offer support for two and four languages respectively, with the Webshop ULTIMATE even up to 16 languages are possible. There are (almost) no limits to an expansion into other language regions in Switzerland or abroad.

Page elements

No limits thanks to HTML

Do you know the markup language HTML? If so, you will love this option! It enables the integration of any function as an element of your eShop. Whether it is the live feed of a webcam, the news feed of a newspaper, or the latest currency exchange rates — there are no limits to your creativity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Create search-friendly URLs!

To make sure your products will be found through popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., you should pay attention to the issue of Search Engine Optimization. Our solutions provide you with the option of modifying any URL (page address) according to your wishes.

Social media

New channels, new customers

Provide additional value for customers visiting your eShop by offering, for example, a forum for questions and suggestions, or a blog with news. You can also use social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, to increase interest in your products.


Always up to date

Regularly send out newsletters exactly tailored to the needs of your customers. Keep them up to date and informed about interesting offers and news.


This might interest you...

The cross-selling function enables you to inform your customers, while they are still in your eShop, about other products that might interest them in addition to the goods they have actually chosen. This increases awareness and the likelihood that your customers will look at other products from your range.


Reward your customers!

Let your eShop generate voucher codes, or use the option for defining your own voucher codes. These codes are the perfect way to make new customers aware of your eShop by using them in ads, flyers, leaflets, etc. Furthermore, by sending such voucher codes out by newsletter, you can increase the loyalty of existing customers.

Sales platforms

Increase your coverage!

The various online sales platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or the Facebook Shop will help you to achieve better coverage when offering and selling your products.


The giant on your side

Optimize your eShop by utilizing the many Google options supported by our solutions. With Google AdWords, your eShop will appear more prominently in the Google search results; with Google Analytics, you can view various statistics regarding your eShop visitors; and with Google Sitemaps, you can create an index of all your shop pages and thereby increase search robot results.

Product administration

Building a product line the easy way

The product module provides all necessary tools for creating an attractive product assortment in just a few steps. You have a choice of many pre-defined attributes (e.g. size, color, weight, number, etc.), or you can enter your own attributes.

Customer administration

An eye on all customers

Always keep a clear overview of your customers thanks to sophisticated customer administration. Define what data your customers must enter in order to shop in your eShop. Determine at any time what a customer has ordered and the status of the order.

Import/export features

Easy backup and recovery

Thanks to simple import and export functions, you can integrate existing customer bases and products per .csv files into your new eShop in just a few steps. This also makes it easy to create backups of your products, customers, contents, categories, etc. This puts you on the safe side if you should accidentally lose any data.

Multiple users

Stay in charge

Enter multiple user profiles, enabling your co-workers to access your eShop with their own logins. Thus, your co-workers can take care of your eShop without the necessity of granting them access to your control panel and confidential data, such as e-mails.


Access for members only

If you want to give only a certain group of people the option to buy at your eShop, you can do that by making your eShop accessible only by user name and password. This way you can determine exactly who can shop at your store — and who can’t.

Product versions

How would you like it?

Products may be offered in different versions. For example, if you sell a windbreaker it is advantageous to list it as one single product in various sizes and colors — this approach will keep your eShop uncluttered. Depending on your eShop, you have the option of using up to 50 product version attributes and 250 product versions.


How would this date suit you?

Do you sell services and, for that reason, work with schedules? Or do you rent products? Put your calendar or a plan with available dates online, so that your customers can pick a suitable date.


Buy now!

Call your customers’ attention to good buys and bargains by identifying products on sale. To make sure that sales items are not missed by any of your visitors, our solution offers the option of creating a special section in your eShop where you can present such offers even more prominently.

Product bundles

Cheaper by the dozen

Package different products into a bundle (maybe for a special price) to include useful accessories with the sale and delivery of a product, to create space in your storage rooms, or to offer additional interesting products to your customers.

Product rating

Get your feedback!

Would you like to know the opinion of your customers regarding particular products? An effective way to do this is the inclusion of a rating function in your eShop. Your customers' opinion of your eShop and their buying interest will notably increase if you can generate many positive ratings regarding your products and services.

Product comparisons

This or that?

Let your customers compare your offers and make it easier to find the product suitable for them. This will not only increase the transparency of your eShop and range of products, but also customer satisfaction.

Various currencies

Let the money flow!

Don’t limit yourself to one currency. By accepting currencies from other countries (e.g. Euro, GBP, or USD), you will avoid losing potential customers from abroad. Depending on the eShop, you have a choice of up to 100 different currencies.

Various payment options

Spoiled for choice

Provide your customers with many payment options. Payment is possible by invoice, credit card, cash, PostFinance, PayPal, Saferpay, Skrill etc. Leave the choice of how to pay to your customers.

Creating invoices, delivery notes

Correspondence with a personal touch

Determine the look and content of order confirmations, invoices, delivery notes, reminders, etc. Tip: Enclose a voucher for the next order with every invoice!

Search functions

Finding products immediately

Customers will immediately, and without diversion, find the desired product through the search function integrated in your eShop. You can determine if searches should cover only products or if they should be extended to the entire eShop. The latter would also find search terms in customer comments and reviews, or in blog entries authored by you.


Safety first

To guarantee payment security, any ePages eShop includes an SSL certificate. For an additional charge, you may use your own SSL certificate to make your eShop even more personal. We offer a wide range of different certificates meeting all possible requirements.

Tell a Friend

Look here!

A customer has just seen a product in your eShop that they think may interest one of their friends. Use such opportunities by offering a simple and effortless function for product recommendation by e-mail to your customers.

Business webhosting


Our business webhosting offers the perfect foundation for your online shop, and includes 500 GB storage space, 100 add-on domains, the popular Hostpoint control panel with one-click apps, and the ability to use your own SSL certificates from Symantec and GeoTrust.

SME Gold support

Your own VIP passport

If you have any questions, the competent Hostpoint Gold Support offers help and advice 365 days a year. In addition to giving priority to your phone calls and e-mails compared with regular support, you also have the option of requesting a return call during office hours.


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