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Anybody who knows how to work with a text editor will be able to use the Sites editor right away. Don't waste time with manuals or instruction videos! Start to build your website immediately by integrating images, texts, tables, and widgets. It's as simple as can be; all you have to do is drag & drop the individual elements to the position where you like them most. This way, you can design your website with just a few mouse clicks.

Clear user interface
The user interface sticks to the familiar and proven design of other editors - so you can easily find all functions you are looking for. The Sites editor is a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). Any change is immediately visible as a preview. Do you like this picture better on the bottom or on the top? Which font is easier to read? Try it out until you really like it.
Insert as quick as a flash
Drag files, such as images or videos, by using drag & drop to the position where they belong - without spending a lot of time searching your computer.
Text editor
The text editor works as any other text editing software. You can format your text as usual: bold, italics, underlined, left or right aligned, or fully justified. Try it out and preview the effect of your formatting.
Integrating your logo
Place the logo of your company or club on your website. Sites will adjust the colors and size of the illustration to make sure your internet presentation has a consistent appearance.
Wide range of colors
Do you want your website to harmonize with the logo and colors of your company or club? It is easily done. You can define all colors exactly. Look for the perfect shade in the wide range of colors available, or let Sites suggest the perfect color.
Mobile ready
With just one click, you can optimize the screen display of your website for smartphones and tablets. Sites will automatically adapt the page to the smaller screen size.

Design templates

We guarantee that you will find a professional looking design template in our large choice of templates. You can individualize any of these templates with just a few mouse clicks.

Choices galore
From our selection of design templates pick one that fits your needs or ties in with the image of your company or club. All templates are professionally designed and can be used as they are, or changed and individualized with just a few mouse clicks.
PREMIUM design templates
From (a)ntiques to (z)ippers: Sites offers you a selection of more than 440 professional templates to help you find the right design for a wide range of industries, businesses, clubs, events and hobbies. Text layout, image integration and matching widgets included.


Widgets will add useful functions to your website. Image galleries, route planners, and Facebook's Like button are just three of the many that are easy to integrate.

Click, drag, and finish
Thanks to the drag & drop function, you can simply drag the widgets you like into Sites and use them without delay. No configuration is required, there are no options to choose from and no trouble with non-compatible versions. The product comparison will give you a detailed list of all widgets including explanation.


In addition to the numerous widgets, Sites offers many other helpful features. For example, a file manager for uploading and integrating your own images, videos, or other files on your website. There is also a function to optimize your website for search engines.

Extras free of charge
Sites includes many useful and powerful tools that usually must be paid for. Even Sites Limited offers everything you need to design a simple and professional looking website. The integration of images, videos and other files is as simple as formatting texts - without any extra charges, of course.
Multilingual websites
Do you need a website in multiple languages? Not uncommon, especially in Switzerland. The full version of Sites makes it easy to create multilingual websites.
Sites works for you
Sites does a lot of work for you, such as structuring and building the website. For instance, if you choose Restaurant when selecting the category, Sites will automatically suggest pages useful for a restaurant, such as Menu, Reservations, or Opening Hours. You can adopt these pages or define your own structure.


Sites is a Cloud service solution. You don't have to install the program on your computer and there is no need to download updates because we maintain Sites and keep it up to date. You can concentrate on your website - we take care of everything else!

Working in the background
Designing and programming your website is what matters to you. We do all the necessary background work, such as regularly updating Sites and continually optimizing our servers.
Always up to date
No software is perfect - all programs are continually enhanced and new functions are added. We will always keep the program up to date for you. So you will benefit from any improvements and new versions without having to worry about anything.
New generation
Have you heard about “web-o-mat”, the globally successful building set for websites? Sites was developed by the same manufacturer, and incorporates developer knowledge and client feedback. That is why Sites is the ideal program to design your website.


You need a powerful and fail-safe web server to ensure the accessibility of your website. If you order Sites, 500 GB of storage space is included. More than enough for a huge number of pages, files, and emails.

Quick response
We monitor all servers, including Sites servers, 24 hours a day and regularly maintain them. Nevertheless, should a server fail we quickly intervene and solve the problem immediately.
Playing it safe
Imagine your website online - and all your visitors see is an error message because the server isn't able to handle the load. That would be very annoying and could cost you customers and money. Of course you cannot afford that! That is why we use only hardware that meets the highest standards and continually update our software.
As secure as Fort Knox
All our servers, including the Sites servers, are located at our high-security data center in Glattbrugg. Our extensive and comprehensive security system for your data includes, among other features, several fire protection zones and redundant electrical circuits. The center is guarded around the clock.


Sites is extremely easy to use. Nevertheless, if you have a question, our support team will gladly answer it.

Immediate help by phone
If you are in a hurry, our support team provides help directly on the phone. They will deliver clear step-by-step explanations to let you know what you need to do. Even on the weekends.
Immediate help by e-mail
If you have a more complex problem and want to show us your screen shots or error messages, it's best to send us an e-mail. Our support team will answer it without delay.
It does not matter how many times you call our support team or contact us by e-mail, you will not be charged for it. This is more proof - and an unbeatable argument - of the high quality of our service.

We are here for you!

You can also find answers and instructions in our Support Center.