Define keywords

The rankingCoach feature for search term research guides you through the procedure for defining keywords. This helps you determine which terms will help people find your website easier and improve your position in search results. Closely examine your direct competitors to determine for yourself how to make yourself stand out better.



The dashboard shows the current status of your SEO activities. The task list helps you see where you can actively make improvements. The reporting module summarizes the current ranking and visibility figures for your website. Check your rankingCoach page regularly to closely monitor changes following optimization. Soon enough you will learn where you can make the biggest improvements on your website.



The elements that determine how easily your website can be found on search engines are not only on the website itself, but other places as well. We have grouped these together clearly and intuitively, and created specific tasks for each of them. You can complete these tasks however you please. rankingCoach helps you with each task – with an easy-to-understand guide and, in most cases, video tutorials as well. Each completed task also improves the position of your website.



A whole range of statistics and charts are generated automatically to show the impact of your work with rankingCoach. You can see which activities have been most effective and where your website still has room for improvement. Example: Under “most common link texts”, you will see links directing to your website. For good search results, it is important that these are well distributed and cover a variety of content.


Geographic optimization

Over 30% of all searches on Google include location information. This means it is important for local companies to not only improve their position internationally, but also be at the top of regional and national rankings. rankingCoach shows you how your keywords are performing in the context of specific countries and cities. That way, you quickly see which search terms to keep using or where rankingCoach can help you make additional improvements.


Competitor comparison

The competitor comparison feature is a visual tool to help you stand out from the competition in search results. See your current ranking as well as developments over the past several days. These statistics show you the right keywords to include in order to steer the attention of your industry directly to your website.


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