Domain Privacy

You decide which of your details others can see.

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What data protection with Domain Privacy has to offer

The Domain Privacy service protects your private address details


Public details without
Domain Privacy

Public details with
Domain Privacy

WHOIS result
Michael Hochberger
Dorfstrasse 23
CH-8000 Zürich
+41 12 345 67 891
Information about you is exposed.
WHOIS result
Swiss Domain Trustee AG
Neue Jonastrasse 60
CH-8640 Rapperswil-Jona
0844 04 04 041
Your personal data is protected.
  • Private domain details are public
  • E-mail accounts are not protected against spam
  • Owner information is publicly available
  • No protection against domain loss
  • Stalkers can view your private information
  • You can be contacted by whoever
  • WHOIS domain data protection
  • Protects against domain-specific spam
  • Protects your data against abuse
  • Protection against domain hijackers
  • Protection against domain loss
  • Stalker protection
  • Correspondence service
Without Domain Privacy, the registration details, such as the owner's full name and address, are publicly available via a WHOIS query. Owners run the risk of their domain becoming a target for misuse.
1 – Your telephone number and e-mail address are also anonymized and are not sent to the registry.
Domain Privacy offers the customer a proxy, Swiss Domain Trustee AG, for their listing in the domain registry. This way, third parties cannot access personal information about the owner. There are no restrictions for SDT customers. For legitimate inquiries, they can always be reached via Swiss Domain Trustee.

Enjoy these benefits with Domain Privacy

  • WHOIS protection

    WHOIS protection

    Domain Privacy keeps your private address, phone number and e-mail address under lock and key.

  • Domain spam guard

    Domain spam guard

    Domain Privacy fends off annoying domain spam.

  • Protects your data against abuse

    Protects your data against abuse

    Hostpoint’s data protection service protects your data against abuse by criminals.

  • Protection against domain loss

    Protection against domain loss

    Your domain is better protected against loss if your owner details are not publicly disclosed.

  • Protection against stalkers

    Protection against stalkers

    Concealing the domain owner’s details prevents stalkers who want to bother you via your website or e-mail.

  • Correspondence service

    Correspondence service

    We pass on any legitimate inquiries regarding your domain to you.

Effective protection and service
with Domain Privacy

The security concept

Anyone can access highly sensitive private information about domain owners in the public WHOIS directories. An attacker might use this information to access your online accounts. The Domain Privacy service conceals your personal data, protecting you from criminal activities.

The Domain Privacy protects you against:

  • Spammers and e-mail scammers
  • Domain and identity thieves
  • Stalkers and extortionists
  • Hackers

Correspondence service

Our employees review any correspondence received to ensure that you can still be reached regarding important matters even if you use Domain Privacy. Criminal attempts at contacting you are blocked. Legitimate inquiries are discreetly forwarded. For example:

  • Inquiries from official authorities
  • Legitimate inquiries with domain purchase offers
  • Inquiries from other reputable interested parties, such as media professionals, entrepreneurs, etc.
David wants to purchase Wilma’s domain.
Domain Privacy defends against criminal contact attempts.
Domain Privacy passes on any legitimate inquiries.
Wilma is glad to receive David’s offer and can get in touch with him directly.

Domain Privacy – the offer

For all domain transfers to Hostpoint.

Domain Privacy

Domain data protection
Starting at CHF 12.– / year
  • Protection for your public WHOIS listing 1
  • Correspondence service
  • Advice & support
Available for 2

.ch /.com / .net / .biz / .org and more


.ch domains: CHF 12.– / year

international domains: CHF 15.– / year

Domain Privacy

How to activate Domain Privacy
Purchase or transfer domain
Hostpoint customers

How to add Domain Privacy to a domain hosted by Hostpoint:

  • 1. Log into the Hostpoint Control panel.
  • 2. Navigate to your domains.
  • 3. In the domain list, click on DOMAIN PRIVACY
  • 4. You will then be guided through the activation process.
  • 1 – Please note that WHOIS listings may differ depending on the TLD.
  • 2 – Please note that your domain has to be registered with Hostpoint to be eligible for the Domain Privacy service.
    Transfer domain to Hostpoint

Domain Privacy – FAQs

What is the purpose of Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy is a product from Hostpoint that allows you, the domain owner, to protect your personal data. The personal address details of the domain owner include the company, first name, last name and address as well as e-mail address and phone number in most cases. This information is normally publicly accessible via what are known as WHOIS servers. This means that anybody can find out the owner of a certain domain. Dubious address brokers, spammers, telemarketing companies and scammers are increasingly exploiting these servers for their own purposes.

Domain Privacy helps to protect your personal data against abuse. The address details of a so-called trustee service – a neutral party – are displayed in place of your address details. Your details are kept completely private.

You remain the legal owner of the domain along with all of the attendant rights and duties. Any correspondence sent to the e-mail address of the neutral party is then forwarded by us to you.

What customer data is protected by Domain Privacy?

Domain Privacy keeps your data completely private, replacing it with the details of a neutral proxy. This includes the last name, first name, organization, address, e-mail address and telephone number.

How much does Domain Privacy cost?

Domain Privacy costs CHF 12 per year for .ch domains, or CHF 15.00 per year for all other international domain names that are eligible for Domain Privacy.

What domain endings are eligible for Domain Privacy?

A list of the TLDs that support Domain Privacy can be found here.

Why isn’t Domain Privacy available for all domains?

The registry of the respective top-level domain decides whether or not to allow Domain Privacy. For some top-level domains, it is also required that the company be located in the respective country. We only meet this requirement for certain countries.

How and where can I get Domain Privacy?

The Domain Privacy services can be purchased when registering a new domain or when you transfer a domain to Hostpoint through our online shop.

You can also purchase Domain Privacy at any time later in the Control Panel, under Domains → Domain Privacy.

How do I cancel Domain Privacy?

Hostpoint ID

You can cancel Domain Privacy in the Hostpoint Control Panel, under Domains → Edit or Admin → Overview Finances → Cancel Contracts. You can also cancel a contract immediately, but any fees that you have paid will not be refunded.

By mail or fax

You can also cancel Domain Privacy by sending a written letter by mail or fax (signature of the owner required). You can also cancel a contract immediately, but any fees that you have paid will not be refunded.

Who is Swiss Domain Trustee AG?

For more information about Swiss Domain Trustee AG, please visit

Does Domain Privacy work with domain-validated free SSL certificates?

Yes, Domain Privacy works with free domain-validated SSL certificates.

Does Domain Privacy work with OV/EV-validated certificates?

Unfortunately not. OV/EV certificates always require the disclosure of the website operator’s identity.

Will I receive correspondence sent to the privacy proxy?

Yes, any correspondence sent to the e-mail address of the neutral proxy is forwarded by us to you.


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